Natasza Niedziolka (b. 1978, Miedzychod, Poland) lives and works in Berlin, DE. She studied at Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, Germany. The artist is represented by Horton Gallery where she made her New York solo debut in January 2012. Her work will be featured in the gallery's booth at Art Rotterdam in February 2014 and her third solo show with Horton Gallery is scheduled for 2014.

Natasza Niedziolka's abstract fabric and thread works intuitively integrate enigmatic shapes and evocative colors. Following in the tradition of Dada artists such as Jean Arp, Niedziolka's fabric panels embrace the irrational. While the artist’s use of quilting and sewing connect her work with historical, democratized expressive acts, Niedziolka decidedly rejects traditional craft-art guidelines such as functionality and pictorial coherence.

While her compositions are at times vaguely representational, it is Niedziolka's technique itself that recalls the simplicity and clarity of folk-art. Though powerful, Niedziolka's colors and shapes have a random, scavenged appearance to them like early American "crazy-quilts" which were mended and added to generation after generation, resulting in visually abstract records of time. Where her shapes do approach specificity, glimpses of Picasso-esque collaged, still-lives demonstrating his experimentation with stitching together common objects and substrates may be recognized as well.

Notable Exhibitions:

Solo Presentation, Art Brussels, Brussels, BE (with Horton Gallery)
Solo Presentation, New Art Dealers Alliance Fair, Cologne, DE (with Horton Gallery)
Keltie Ferris and Natasza Niedziolka, Salon Zürcher, Paris, FR (with Horton Gallery)
I Only Cry Because It Looks Good, Villa de Bank, Enschede, NL
61. Bergische Kunstausstellung, Galerie der Stadt, Remscheid, DE
61. Bergischer Kunstpreis, Museum Baden, Solingen, DE
Regarding Düsseldorf 2, 701e.V, Düsseldorf, DE

Press Mentions:

"Berlin-based Natasza Niedziolka's textile drawings made of thread on canvas are mostly abstract, though after lingering in Horton's front room, many of the stacked half-circles start to look like large ships teetering on the surface of a calm sea. Some of the more subtle embroideries on stretched cotton are "framed" with a colorful zigzag border." - Leigh Anne Miller, "The Lookout", Art in America, January 24, 2013.

"Narrowly escaping associations with handicraft, embroidery keeps emerging into the realm of fine art, this time in the lovely work of Natasza Niedziolka. The Berlin artist draws with thread, stitching together primitive pictures reminiscent of Dubuffet: teetering stacks of dish-shaped objects in yellows, blues, and greens. Next to them, stripped-down versions of the same arrangements—outlines only, bearing just a few touches of color—reflect the show's title, hanging on the wall like the originals' ghosts." - Robert Shuster, "Arresting Images", The Village Voice, January 23, 2013.

"In a New York solo debut that is just cause for optimism, this Polish-born, Berlin-based pictorial artist mixes together art and craft, folk traditions and early Modernism to devise spare, colorful still lifes that sometimes involve paint but more often make extensive use of knitting, embroidery, sewing machines and dangling thread. The history of painting and textiles entwine; a raw, witty beauty ensues, along with a sense of an artist proceeding by her own lights. Precedents include Hannah Höch’s angular collages, Anni Albers’s textiles and Rosemarie Trockel’s knit paintings." - Roberta Smith, "Natasza Niedziolka: 'White Shadow'", The New York Times, February 16, 2012.

Notable Collections

Philip Taaffe, New York, NY
Wellington Management, Boston, MA

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