The gallery is pleased to present its first solo show by New York based artist Erik Hanson; From the Morning, a stylistically eclectic selection of paintings, sculpture, photographs, and works on paper spanning over ten years, focuses upon the artist’s free associations between images of nature and his wide ranging musical tastes.

“And now we rise from the ground.” – Nick Drake, From the Morning

The monumental, multi-paneled “The Velvet Underground & Nico” consists of monoprints of wood-grain, which form a constellation-like visual abstraction of the seminal rock record; “Eurodisco” is a grouping of small, thick oil paintings of monochromatic spirals made with accumulated dabs of paint that evoke images of songs etched on vinyl, the duration of records spinning on a turntable, the revolutions of a clock, or numerous natural occurrences from snails to Smithson’s “Spiral Jetty”; “My Shameful Taste” is a grouping of realistically-sculpted birch logs topped with graphite drawings of the LP labels of the artist’s “guilty pleasures,” which were hidden from peers as a Boy Scout but ultimately became emblematic in the formation of his sexual identity. Other works employ a highly personalized minimal or conceptual approach to symbolize minutes, hours, days, and years devoted to listening to music:

“I'm interested in giving form to my experience of listening, the marking of the time of spent in this contemplative state rather than making a visual interpretation of what I’m listening to. What I'm trying to record is so vast that I can only respond by making a mark that implies that I expended effort. I couldn’t even begin to come close to make some sort of visual representation of all that has formed me, just that it has usually happened (the forming) while I'm listening to music.”

Erik Hanson (b. 1959, Tokyo, JAPAN) lives and works in New York, NY. Hanson has exhibited his work in New York and abroad for almost 20 years and is a long time resident, and pioneer, of New York’s Lower East Side. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Derek Eller, New York, NY and Printed Matter, New York, NY and in group exhibitions at White Columns, New York, NY; P.S.1/MOMA, New York, NY; New Museum, New York, NY; Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna, Austria; among others. His work has been discussed in The New York Times, Time Out London, The Village Voice, and numerous other publications.

Installation View: Erik Hanson, From the Morning, Horton Gallery (SUNDAY L.E.S.), New York