The gallery maintains a 1200 sf ground floor studio space on Alexandrinenstraße in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin where artists are invited to work for extended periods of time. Situated within walking distance to art spaces such as The Berlinische GalerieJüdischen MuseumKönig Galerie, and Duvethe opportunity offers artists access to the city and its resources. With the addition of a modest living space, the gallery plans to expand the studio to offer four three-month long residencies per year – each of which will culminate with a one-night only exhibition or performance. To schedule a studio visit with the artist-in-residence, please email the gallery.


Elijah Burgher (US)

Elijah Burgher’s (b. 1978; Lives and works in Berlin, DE) artwork indoctrinates viewers into a mystical cult of queer sexual energies. He produces small colored pencil drawings, as well as paintings of sigils on large canvas drop cloths. Burgher utilizes ideas from magick and the occult to address sexuality, sub-cultural formation and the history of abstraction.



Colin Self (US)

Colin Self (b. 1987; Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Berlin, DE) composes and choreographs music, performance, and environments for expanding consciousness, troubling binaries and boundaries of perception and communication. Self works with communities across disciplines and practices, using voices, bodies, and computers as tools to interface with biological and technological software.


Gordon Hall (US)

Gordon Hall’s (b. 1983; Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) sculptures and dances embody the possibilities for physical and social platforms to enable and disable outcomes.  Gordon is also the director of the Center for Experimental Lectures, a lecture-performance series that has been hosted by The Whitney Museum of Art, among others, producing a series of lectures and seminars in conjunction with the 2014 Whitney Biennial.